3 Core Ingredients For Better SEO in 2019

Technology is changing with every passing moment and so the trends. The coming year 2019 going to introduce a number of innovative ways to enhance marketing services and improve business ranking over the internet. These trends will shift current methods used for search engine optimization towards an extended strategy of marketing.

Better SEO in 2019

Get Highly Expert SEO Services 

Sometimes, people ask why to get SEO services when we have an attractive and interactive website? The answer is simple; what is the purpose of creating high-quality graphics and unique content when it is not visible to the users in search results?

Feeling helpless after realizing the factors responsible for brand visibility? Don’t be upset because every problem comes up with a solution.

Professional SEO Companies in Australia has multiple marketing strategies ready for the success of your business. Highly qualified marketing experts analyze all essential factors required to make your products, a strong brand worldwide.

Research Statistics About Web Search

According to the hubspot marketing stats, approximately 12 billion searches are done in the USA over the internet in one month. This survey helped the internet marketers to conclude that visibility is essential for quality traffic.

There is no denying the fact that SEO has gained ultimate importance in the new millennia. It is owing to the reason that optimizing website not only helps to boost traffic but also helps to get brand visibility. It is an essential ingredient for success.

Core Ingredients for Optimal SEO in 2019

The year 2015 was a shift changer in the field of internet marketing because it recognized the value of search engine optimization. Research studies stressed the importance of content for users’ requirements and smart optimization for better results.  Further, it is observed that approximately 50 percent users surf the internet from mobile devices presently.

While keeping the present and predicted the future scenario in mind, an exclusive detail of the core ingredients for better SEO in 2019 is given below:

Social Media Content

Social media has gained prominence in the recent years. The websites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are expected to play a central role in making or breaking a brand.

Almost 76 percent of business marketers already manipulate Social Media content to promote products or services. It is actually astonishing to notice that social media content links are indexed on higher ranks in Google as compared to Yahoo or Bing.

Therefore, it is expected that the dark streaks between social media and the web with respect to SEO will get vanished in the coming years.  So, don’t waste time and get the services from the best SEO Company australia for making a valuable digital media marketing strategy to maximize visibility in search engines.

The Crown Is Still Held By The Animated Content

There is no denying the fact that animated content such as videos, gifs, engage more users. Everyone knows that it is due the interactivity and entertainment. However, it is known to a few that animated content is a good source to boost internet ranking.

Yes, almost 62 percent of Google searches are made for videos and other animated content. Further, Google has modified its strategy of searches in order to present balanced results. So, it is the right time to grab this interesting opportunity for better search visibility.

Smart Devices and Mobile Optimization

Smart devices and mobile phones have become the most frequently used gadgets now a day.  Therefore, it is important to realize the need for responsiveness.  Mobile friendly websites are getting higher ranking in web searches.

The Google has changed its crawling strategy in 2018 giving mobile responsiveness more value. It is termed as the “Mobile First Index” strategy.  Further, the decision has been made after analyzing the statistics that mobile usage has been increased to a 43 percent as compared to the previous year 2017.

Therefore, it has become crucial to understand that mobile responsiveness is a dire need of the hour. Don’t get astray in tension because Australia based SEO companies understand that 4 out of the 5 clients use a mobile device to buy good from the internet.


To sum up, embrace your potentials to deal with the emerging trends of SEO effectively. It has become compulsive to take adequate action for better SEO in 2019, in order to stay visible on the internet. Your brand image is dependent on better search engine optimization.


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