5 Web Design Trends You Need To Know For 2019!

With the New Year celebrations just a few weeks away, it’s time we took a look at some of the website design trends 2019 that are going to dominate the Australian industry!

website design trends 2019

Website Design Trends 2019

Here are the 5 most exciting web design trends for the year 2019!

1. Mobile Friendliness Will Become A Priority!

According to statistics gurus Statista, over 52% of all website traffic generated in 2018 was on mobile devices, up from 50.3% in 2017!

mobile sites traffic stats

The importance of smartphone-friendly webpages has been on the rise over the past few years, and search engines like Google have certainly taken notice too.

The roll out of new “Mobile First Index” in the first half of 2018, has changed the way companies look at their page designs.

The new algorithm has placed an increased importance on the mobile-friendly versions of websites by making them the first to be seen in search results!

This means that a lot more web design companies in Australia are going to be working on smartphone optimization for their sites!

2. Irregular Grid Layouts Are In!

In their search for increasingly creative solutions that enhance the user experience, designers, following the new website design trends, are now experimenting with asymmetric grid layouts!

These new layouts feature a more irregular style of placing elements on the page, by working with negative spaces and regularly breaking the law-of-thirds.

This helps the desired content stand out from out its surroundings, and makes it easier to read and navigate for the user!

3. Bolder Fonts And Adventurous Colors Over Images!

Following the website design trends 2019, the shift to more a mobile-oriented user base will mean designers are going to be prioritizing bold fonts and brighter colors over images, which slow pages down.

The result is going to be sites that not only look great, they also load up quicker and offer users an easier reading and scrolling experience.

It’ll also give web design companies the chance to work with cleaner backgrounds, making their call-to-action buttons or link pop!

4. Artificially Intelligent Bots!

AI has made huge strides over the past couple of years, and 2019 may finally be the year we see it gain worldwide recognition!

AI chatbots have become critical to the success of ecommerce websites, since they can reply to consumer questions almost instantly. Users love that kind of responsive interaction!

While it’s not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as the Terminator, don’t be surprised if you see a lot more companies coming up with their own artificially intelligent bots in the coming year!

5. Web Animation Is The Future!

The internet isn’t a static medium, so why should your websites any different!

Web animation certainly isn’t a new concept – the GIF has been around for a few years now – but viewers will now be able to interact with these moving pictures, giving an even more immersive user experience!

This scroll triggered animation from Apple is a great example of how a minimalistic design can change the entire outlook of a product!

2019 – The Year Of Simple, Powerful Web Design

2019 is going to be the year of designing simple, mobilefriendly websites that come packed with extremely powerful technologies like AI Chatbots and personalized animations!

All the big brands are going to be taking their web pages to the next level with these 5 exciting new website design trends 2019. Are you?


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