The Impact Of Guest Checkout On Your Ecommerce Site!


Customer retention is the core element that any business owner would not like to compromise on. The key question is how to retain them, especially when one is operating online and relying heavily on a website that enables the customers to shop online?

At times the situation can be way too wavered for one to control as a business owner. Most entrepreneurs operating online have this valid aim of storing the clients’ data and encouraging them to register with their website and in return there are some perks like discounts and loyalty schemes that are offered to them as registered customers.


All Good But What’s The Problem?

It may no doubt all sound sweet and good, but one may face problems being website owner, such as, a downfall in the number of potential clients, visitors who visits the website but within no time pops out. For most entrepreneurs the problem becomes big, especially when they have no clue as in why is going wrong and why the situation is going out of control.

Time Is The Key!

If operating in complex and highly dynamic markets like UAE, such problems may hit almost anyone operating online. The reason is time scarcity that is faced by almost everyone here.

One as an entrepreneur would need to consider the idea of integrating the option of guest checkout system as well. And to do this one would need to look for reliable Dubai ecommerce solutions provider who can plant this idea carefully and accurately into one’s website.

Why Guest Checkout?

You may have noticed big, medium and even small brand operators allowing you on their domain to login using guest login even if you are not registered with them. Some of them offer you with login facility using your Gmail, FaceBook and other similar IDs. Have you ever wondered why?

The answer is simple, they know that 6 out of 10 people would not find it very convenient just to sit and start filling lengthy registration forms. Their aim is to buy a product or service instantly, not to get registered anywhere.

A reliable website development service provider in Dubai can take care of this for you, i.e. they will enable your website to support both the registered and non-registered users to get benefits from all the valuable products and services offered by you.

Final Words:

To stay on top of dynamic market trends, you will need to look at your business functions, you clients persona and the target market’s nature from each and every angle. You will need to do this in advance, using a proactive approach because this attitude from you will save you from drastic results like losing clients. Registered or un-registered, you must retain them all, if you mean business.


3 Innovative E-Commerce Trends In UAE 2018

Are you working abroad and want to gift something to your beloveds? Online purchase will help you to deliver the present directly to their homes. Thanks to the technology, e-commerce has changed the shopping trends altogether.

The life is extremely hectic now a day giving fewer opportunities to the people to do grocery as they used to do in the past. Presently, around 81 % of global buyers do internet research before buying a product.

This amassed fashion of online shopping has made e-commerce a megatrend across the world. Innovation with dedication has helped the businessmen to shape the face of conventional shopping styles.

E-Commerce Business Value In UAE: 2017-2018

According to the Dubai Chamber, the current values of e-commerce business in UAE stands at approximately $2.5 billion which is expected to go $10 billion the year 2018.  It is evident from the statistics that e-commerce is the wildest rising business.

Not only this, it specifies the dire need to move your business towards emerging business trends to secure a stable position in the marketplace. Therefore, it is not suggested to waste time in contemplation, search infinite e-commerce solutions near to you in Dubai for a stunning online shopping website.

Cause And Effect Of E-Commerce On Business Industry

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai - Trends in UAE

The statement of Jack Ma, founder of the famous Ali Baba Express is much more relevant to be quoted here:

“I hope 15 years later people forget about e-commerce – because they think it’s like electricity”

It goes without doubt that e-commerce is becoming highly popular across the world grasping the UAE marketplace through GCC.  The retail industry is shifting towards virtual stores that the concept of brick and mortar is expected to vanish in the near future.

It is owing to the reason that online vendors can merchandise relatively greater variety and can target a wide range of customers globally. Not only this, it is extremely helpful in reducing overhead expenses, storage requirements and physical stores.

The potential impact of modern shopping methods has a significant impact on the local and global economy. It has been considered as a game changer in the business world. It not only affected shopping perceptions of the people but also their economic and social lives.

Striking Trends In E-Commerce Business 2018

Innovation is extremely critical for the survival of business sector largely.  However, UAE is striving hard to stand among the most innovative nations in the world.

Therefore, renovation of existing business activities is an ongoing process to embed innovation with efficiency.  The most evident e-commerce developments are as given below:

Social Media Marketing

The line between online and offline shopping has become very blurred owing to the e-commerce.  A unified relaxing experience of shopping is the utmost desire of people. Therefore, businessmen utilize various tools and techniques to bridge the gap between brick and mortar systems and shopping online.

Social media marketing is trending because more and more people are interacting with the virtual world.  Therefore, online communities are serving the best interest of businessmen. They get near to their targeted customers.

Mobile and Smartphone Optimization

The use of smartphones is increasing with every passing day. It has influence business trends as well.  It has become imperative to give the users an extended experience of shopping through responsive websites.

So, Ecommerce solutions Dubai based entities pay more focus to meet their clients’ requirement of responsiveness. Mobile device optimization is not just limited to the website only but it grasps the whole process of shopping online from products views to check-out carts.

Chat-bots and Voice Search

The scarcity of time owing to busy routine has led the expectations of prompt response. The customers don’t want to wait, but just want to get their desired product shortly delivered to their homes.

Therefore, the concept of chat-bots has emerged as an alluring trend in the e-commerce business.  Chat-bots are capable of handling most of the online work of companies by offering services 24/7.

A Google Survey indicates that approximately 20% of smartphone users make inquiries through voice search facilities. They just say “e-commerce solutions near me” and the job is done.  It has increased the competition among business organizations in Dubai.

Take Away

It is an open secret that business world is going through an active transformation from conventional to technological. The latest trends in business have compelled people to take active participation in online merchandising.

“The region is poised for social change, which combined with a need to grow globally, is increasing pressures on companies based in the Middle East to innovate in new exciting ways.” – Gulf News

If you are running out of adequate information about how to start your own e-commerce business, don’t feel shy to contact your nearby e-commerce solutions providing companies in Dubai.  It will give you a clear idea about working better in online shopping systems.

Web Design that Drives Traffic and Sales!

A website is undoubtedly essential for the sake of your business. It is the mechanism through which you have an online presence to boost your sales even further. Even a small business and medium-sized one doesn’t neglect its need and importance. Mostly when your customers look around for different services, they search for it online. Say if you don’t have an online presence then how much it is going to hurt your reputation and sales altogether.

Dubai Web Design Drives Traffic and Sales

Importance of Web Design

These days just a website is not all that you need. You are supposed to design it excellently if you want to make your customers stay on your site and eventually turn them on, so they could finally avail your services. Since the importance of website design has been understood by the businesses, so most of them try to avail the services of Dubai Web Design companies online or visit their offices in person to discuss with them about their niche, their requirements and expectations. So they could come up with an innovative and productive website design.

Design Drives Traffic

The design of a website drives traffic to generate sales. This is the reason every company needs to focus it most importantly, if they want to make it a win, win, win scenario. Otherwise, they might face the worse consequences that are going to hurt their reputation and eventually sales of the products and services as well. How can design play a part in driving traffic? Let’s take a look at this aspect.

Attention Grabber

A unique, pleasing and excellent web design is the attention grabber. Think of your scenario first of all. If you are looking around to avail some services or buy a particular product, would you prefer spending time on a website that’s cluttered or badly designed? Your answer is a “Big No”. Same is the case with all other people as well. They also immediately shift from a site that’s not designed well. That could be bad for your website’s SEO, as it is going to increase your bounce rate.

Helping in User Engagement

When a visitor lands on your site, he gets engaged if your design is perfect. It is the design that keeps them engaged for a while. Well distributed content, sensibly placed images and a nice color scheme, these all aspects play a vital role in keeping the visitors engaged. That can play a part in boosting your SEO results. Also when a user is spending more time or your site, this means you have increased the chances of turning him into your potential customer.

Builds Trust

Excellent website design is a guarantee of your company’s reputation as well. When a company has an online presence, it is considered professional. If its website is excellent, it builds your trust in the mind of the visitors. They are turned on, and that ends up making them avail your services of doing purchasing. That’s why one needs to put a focus on the need for a professional design website. Numerous web designing companies in Dubai can come to your assistance in this regard.

Improves Sales

As much as you keep a user engaged with the help of excellent design, it keeps pinching their interest in availing your services. This means your sales are going to increase automatically. So, your aim is going to get fulfilled this way. That’s why it is highly recommended to put focus on the need and importance of designing aspect if you want to boost your sales.

Boosts Profits

A perfectly designed website is a guarantee to an impressive boost in the profits. First thing is user engagement, that is going to ignite sales, and eventually, sales are going to boost company profits. So it’s a proper way which starts from a certain point that is the perfect design, and it ends at an increase in the profits of the company. This is the reason, even if it is a small, medium-sized or corporate level company, it has to have a website and that too, perfectly designed to make conversions.

Summing Up

These days you can’t just ignore the need for a website design at all. It’s to be considered the most integral part anyhow, to boost sales and profits significantly. The traffic, conversions and sales, all these can’t improve by developing a website to complete the formality. It has to be excellently designed to turn on the visitor. That’s why in Dubai Web Design companies are found in numbers. Since it is the Global Business Hub, so every company working in that part of the world need their services anyhow to remain in the contest in that highly competitive market. One can also avail their services or receive a quote online by visiting their websites.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs An E-Commerce Website!

In 2017, businesses worldwide generated almost 400 billion Dollars in revenues from ecommerce related sales. Next year, this figure is expected to jump up to half a trillion dollars!

If you run a retail store or a manufacturing company and haven’t yet built an ecommerce website for your business, you’re missing out on millions of potential customers.

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

According to various reports, the share of ecommerce in global sales will be 1 in every 5 by 2019, and almost 80% of all internet users already make purchases online!

There are plenty of reasons why every business in the UAE needs to have its own online store. Here are 5 of the most important, as recommend by ecommerce solutions Dubai based providers:

1.     Expand Your Brand Reach

The biggest problem with traditional brick-and-mortar stores is that they offer very limited reach to customers in a single locality.

With an online website, you gain access to a global customer base that can view your products and services no matter where they may be in the world.

This also gives you an incredible opportunity to market your products to niche markets that weren’t previously in reach.

2.     Improved Buying Experience

A regular complaint customers have with traditional stores is that salespeople often lack the knowledge to properly sell a business’ products and services, dampening their buying experience.

These salespeople can also be too aggressive trying to promote some items over others, further alienating customers and driving them away.

An online store takes away all these inconveniences. Consumers can view items they like in their own time, and get all the information they need from chat-bots or online research.

It also allows you to have all your products visible in one easy-to-find location. There’s no need to have all the old stock stored in a backroom somewhere, like you would in a retail store.

3.     Easy Payments

New online payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Checkout have further helped make the online buying experience extremely enjoyable and convenient.

Customers simply have to enter their card details once into the relevant apps, and products are purchased automatically any time they’re authorized using touch ID or facial recognition. The entire process is as simple as putting your thumb on the home button!

4.     Reduced Costs

And finally, operating online offers business owners massively reduced expenses compared to running a shop.

Instead of paying for the initial office space and monthly overheads like rent, utilities, employee salaries, and insurance, you effectively only have a pay a marginal fee for the website design and maintenance, and storage facilities.

If you go to one of the web development Dubai based companies, they’ll also help you design a mobile app for the business! Almost 50% of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and you don’t want to miss out on millions in potential earnings from smartphone users.

Things To Avoid In Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce web development dubai

An ecommerce website is developed either by hiring a freelancer or a reputable agency. These are the only two options for everyone who is willing to develop a website for online business. Different online tools (platforms) are also available to help you develop a website, however, no one will recommending them unless one really knows he is willing to do.

An extreme level of handwork is required for one before deciding to hire a freelancer or an agency. To avoid the risks associated with both these options, you must have a strong knowledge of ecommerce websites. Unless you have knowledge limitations regarding development risks, you cannot blame the opposing party if anything unusual happens.

The ecommerce business is growing fast and it is most rapidly growing in Dubai. Same is the case with reputable web development Dubai based agencies as they are the key players of the competition. Working with these agencies is although the best approach, however, one must consider the following aspects before choosing an agency.

Consider Your Goals From Ecommerce website:

You must know your business more than anyone else. That’s how; you can better identify your goals that you are willing to achieve with your ecommerce website. Focus on the key functionality of your website that will support you in achieving your goals. You must have a clear insight of everything you need on your website to discuss them with your target agency.

Focus On A Timeline:

You must specify a proper timeline before going to talk to an agency. You may have stated launch date in your mind for your website which is the key requirement for on-time completion. Stay close to the agency members and include milestones both for yourself and the team. As you will be a part of the project, do not allow anyone to let you think otherwise.

Choose Someone Local:

Going either with a freelancer or an agency, the journey of developing an ecommerce website is extremely risky in terms of discussing your business goals and vision to someone else. If you have established your business in any region of the UAE and currently looking forward for its online appearance as well, going for an ecommerce solutions Dubai is less risky and helpful.

Have A Partnership:

Just launching your ecommerce website is not something that will boost your productivity. Instead, you will need an ongoing maintenance for your website, including additions and changes as required. The agency that you are going to choose must be able to provide assistance regarding improvement in your website that should ultimately result in your business productivity.

All You Want To Know About Latest Web Development Dubai Trends!

Web development Dubai

Awareness and up-to-date knowledge in the field of IT will enable one to come up with best selections. However, everyone may not have the same level of understating or awareness, therefore one must ensure that one is backed with professional back up offered by service providers in the domain of web development.

Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends in this domain for better understanding and know how:

  • IoT (Internet of Things) – They are future; control, manage and communicate with appliances and gadgets with ease.
  • Material Design – Introduced by Google to monitor the performance of your apps on Smart devices.
  • Static Website Generators – for improved security and optimum speed.
  • Yarn Package Manager – Configure, update, and install/uninstall code modules in your applications.
  • Angular 2 and Beyond – From improved component driven structure.
  • OpenCart for ecommerce websites – It comprise robust functionality and easy utilization of e-commerce affordably.
  • Virtual Reality – Already in use by Google and Mozilla, this technology will rule web development Dubai oriented practices in future.

Whether it is a personal blog site or a robust e-store that you intend to launch, you will need to ensure that you are on top of areas like design and development. Your approach shall be backed with elite, smart and relevant strategies that are unique and appealing by default.

This attitude from you will enable you to outshine among others.  Web development Dubai oriented industry has moved into further advanced zones. The varieties available to you are going to be way too many. This within itself may cause confusion for one with little or no knowledge. Therefore, careful consideration and professional backups would be required by one so as to ensure that one is staying away from blunders in the form of outdated approaches.

This careful consideration from one and reliance on only the renowned and experienced ecommerce solutions Dubai based practices will enable one to create a strong impact with the help of a stunning online store that will be fully equipped with elite features and improve user interface and user experience.

Why Ecommerce Has An Additional Edge Over Traditional Retailing?

eCommerce has a lot of benefits over traditional retailing, which is a well-known fact now. Hundreds of people are now doing online business just because of these benefits and its positive impact on the profits. It is certainly a holy grail which can take you to the heights of success in no time. You can enjoy its long lasting and worthy effects in almost every niche.

It certainly is one of the business which has become really popular all across the world in a very short time span. That’s a reason, why for the web development Dubai is considered to be the best place where we can also get assistance for the development of our eCommerce websites.


Additional Edge of eCommerce:

Our ancestors have also been doing business from the day, life started on the earth. The business they did was the traditional retailing, which is still being practiced. But in this era, with the presence of traditional retailing the online ecommerce solutions have also become very popular. They certainly have an additional edge, that’s why for your business’s ecommerce solution Dubai could possibly be the best place.

Geographical Limitations are tamed:

The geographical limitations could be tamed with the help of this business method. As a traditional retailer you would be doing business in some specific part of the city. But as an online ecommerce business holder, you can offer your services and sell products all across the world without any geographical limitations.

Gain New Customers on Daily Basis with Search Engine Visibility:

You can gain new customers with the passage of every day on a daily routine basis. That’s because your ecommerce website is available online, people from all across the world could access it, as it has search engine visibility, which shows it in the results when people search for some specific keywords.

Lower Costs:

The amount of money spent on such online ecommerce solution is far less than the traditional retail business. Because, for the ecommerce business, you don’t need a physical store, purchase the tools and equipment and neither you need to pay different bills.

Easy for your Customers to Reach you:

It is easy for your customers to reach you. They never need to travel to visit your outlet by sparing some time and spend it in visiting you. Neither, they need to spend money in shape of expenses for visiting you.


Comparison of Product’s Prices:

You can also compare the prices of a same product on different websites. That’s how, as a customer, you come to know where you can find the cheapest required product.

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai- No One To Blame!

If things are initiated in the right and required passion when it comes to your e-store needs, you will really have no one to blame. Simply because you would have ensured that the service provider shortlisted and finalized by you for the solutions that you may need is expert and professional in approach.

ecommerce solutions Dubai

Many businesses initially opt for setting up a platform online where they can sell items to their target audience, but there are factors like technical knowledge, basic know how, audience awareness and business nature in which one may lack and this normally leads to collision and selection of irrelevant solutions.

In complex and highly dynamic markets like UAE, one must only rely on ecommerce solutions Dubai that are offered by service providers who enjoy perfect market reputation.

Things may become worsen if one as an entrepreneur lacks in confidence and avoids involving with the technical team of solutions providers.

One must be clear that one’s involvement in such highly critical and sensitive tasks is recommended by professionals simply because it keeps the solution providers on their toes plus the instant input from entrepreneurs enables them to shape things accordingly in an instantaneous passion.

ecommerce solutions Dubai

Ecommerce solutions Dubai based products and services are well within the service acquirers’ and buyers’ ranges. This is due to the intense rise in demands which has set up the platform for immense competition and that ultimately helps in bringing the rates down.

Stay on top of these demands and Dubai markets are yours no matter how big or small the business is in nature and how poised the market competition levels are, you will know only one way to proceed, i.e. leading from the front and that is the only way to go if the idea is to survive, rule and dictate the market trends for good.

Anything less than that would mean landing in no man’s land and an immediate fade out from the market maps here.


The New Economy: Online Businesses and Trade

The newest economy in today’s world is more popularly referred to as e-commerce. This economy is focused on online sales and promotions. In this new age of internet, everything is easily available online from information to every day household objects and it is this convenience that e-commerce plays on. Online businesses and consequently, online shopping has many benefits that are still being explored to their full potential. The biggest benefit is that online shopping comes with a lot of ease; you can buy things from the comfort of your home.

dubai ecommerce solutions

One of the biggest advantages of having an online business is that you immediately overcome many geographical boundaries and become a global retailer. Another thing is that an online business attracts more customers because of its convenience to them. So it is smart option for most small to medium sized businesses to go online. Now, the next question revolves around how to actually go online. Every company has an image that they have to portray and when they go online, this image needs to reflect on their webpages. In this scenario, there are firms and agencies that work on Dubai ecommerce solutions; strategies that help you build your online presence. In particular, these firms exist in the Middle East because of its prominence as a business hub.

As a business holder, you need Dubai ecommerce solutions to customize your webpage in order to attract shoppers towards a pleasant shopping experience. Your sales can go up by providing the shoppers with a detailed, online catalog. A user friendly and organized interface on your webpage allows the users to engage with the company and consequently, increase sales. Only three years ago, online sales surpassed $250 billion in the US; a statistic suggesting the growing influence of ecommerce. So the obvious answer to increase sales this year is to go online.

You Need Solutions To Deal With The Challenges Not Confusions

Ecommerce has become a daily routine. Almost each and every business is striving and wasting no time when it comes to ensure its presence online. Millions of dollars transactions are taking place every hour world over. Dubai is a good example here where businesses are working hard to perform offline and at the same time ensure their presence online as well. This approach from them allow them to capture the market in no time by reaching almost everybody. The perks are manifold when it comes to ecommerce, however there are associated threats and tasks that needs appropriate, relevant and expert solutions all the time.


One thing that shall be kept in mind by business owner with online presence is to ensure that they are always equipped, ready and backed with Dubai eCommerce solutions. To do so, they have to ensure that they assign this tasks to service providers in the said field who are keen when it comes to on time delivery of products and services. Because delays in a city like Dubai would mean losing fortunes and leaving bad impression on the clients. All you need is an active and expert eCommerce solutions provider’s assistance that is just a click or phone call away 24/7. This will allow you to hold a strong grip on the changing market trends and move swiftly in the highly competitive environments. In addition to that you will also be avoid unnecessary costs that may incur due to a stoppage caused by malfunctioning or website crashing down.