5 Web Design Trends You Need To Know For 2018!

With the New Year celebrations just a few a weeks away, it’s time we took a look at some of the web design trends that are going to dominate the UAE industry in 2018!

Web Design Dubai Trends

Here are the 5 most exciting!

1.     Mobile Friendliness Will Become A Priority!

According to statistics gurus Statista, over 50% of all website traffic generated in 2017 will be on mobile devices, up from 43.6% in 2016!

The importance of smartphone-friendly webpages has been on the rise over the past few years, and search engines like Google have certainly taken notice too.

The tech company is set to roll out its new Mobile First Index in the first half of 2018, which will change the way companies look at their page designs.

The new algorithm will place an increased importance on the mobile-friendly versions of websites by making them the first to be seen in search results!

This means that a lot more web design Dubai and UAE companies are going to be working on smartphone optimization for their sites!

2.     Irregular Grid Layouts Are In!

In their search for increasingly creative solutions that enhance the user experience, designers are now experimenting with asymmetric grid layouts!

These new layouts feature a more irregular style of placing elements on the page, by working with negative spaces and regularly breaking the law-of-thirds.

This helps the desired content stand out from out its surroundings, and makes it easier to read and navigate for the user!

3.     Bolder Fonts And Adventurous Colors Over Images!

The shift to more a mobile-oriented user base will mean designers are going to be prioritizing bold fonts and brighter colors over images, which slow pages down.

The result is going to be sites that not only look great, they also load up quicker and offer users an easier reading and scrolling experience.

It’ll also give web development Dubai companies the chance to work with cleaner backgrounds, making their call-to-action buttons or link pop!

4.     Artificially Intelligent Bots!

AI has made huge strides over the past couple of years, and 2018 may finally be the year we see it gain worldwide recognition!

AI chatbots have become critical to the success of ecommerce websites, since they can reply to consumer questions almost instantly. Users love that kind of responsive interaction!

While it’s not going to be Arnold Schwarzenegger returning as the Terminator, don’t be surprised if you see a lot more companies coming up with their own artificially intelligent bots in the coming year!

5.     Web Animation Is The Future!

The internet isn’t a static medium, so why should your websites any different!

Web animation certainly isn’t a new concept – the GIF has been around for a few years now – but viewers will now be able to interact with these moving pictures, giving an even more immersive user experience!

This scroll triggered animation from Apple is a great example of how a minimalistic design can change the entire outlook of a product!

2018 – The Year Of Simple, Powerful Web Design

2018 is going to be the year of designing simple, mobilefriendly websites that come packed with extremely powerful technologies like AI Chatbots and personalized animations!

All the big brands are going to be taking their web pages to the next level with these 5 exciting new trends. Are you?


How To Choose The Right Web Development Company?

How To Choose The Right Company for Web Development Dubai

Most of the individuals select developing firms based on their search ranking at search engine when they have to develop a website for online presence of their business. However, this is a bad approach as their position at search engine might not efficiently relate their performance and experience. This is because improved search engine ranking depends upon SEO practices not on work efficiency and experience.

Even if one has to select a company based on its search engine ranking, he must consider certain factors as well. Although some of firms might be higher in ranking as compare to reputable web development Dubai based companies, but individuals must look for relevant information as they proceed searching a best development agency. The following information related to development agency must be analyzed before hiring.

Company History:

Always ensure that the company is been in the business since a long time. Avoid working with a firm with just a few years of experience. Instead, choose the one with plenty of experience and practice so that you can acquire the best techniques to generate higher ROI in the long run.

Company Team:

The performance of a company depends upon the number of employees working for it. When you will research the team members of a company, also consider their personality to get an idea of how you can contribute with them.

Company Portfolio:

Recently delivered products or services can better showcase their performance and proficiency. Match your key requirements with different features of their recently launched products and services. This will help you understand how they deal with a client’s requirements.

Company References:

You may also ask from the past clients who have worked with the company. By asking the expertise of the company and their specialization, previous clients can share their insights that how they feel about the company. Point out their advantages and disadvantages during inquiry.

Responsive Website:

Just like web design Dubai based companies are known for mobile-friendly website development, the company in your focus must also be professionally known for mobile friendly development. Their capability of developing responsive website is a great indicator of their proficiency.

Search Rankings:

Most of the business owners prioritize local development firms. Their improved search rank in local search is helpful for clients to contact them. Selection based on search ranking is a great way for clients who are willing to develop their websites such that they can gain higher ranking in search engine.

Build The SEO Framework With Web Design Service Experts


How important is hosting in web design?

Hosting is the platform that connects the visitors with the website. Your website just can’t be slow. It simply has to load faster to encourage visitor explore it. Hosting is better positioned where the audience is. The platform designed must produce speedy connectivity. How you tailor it will make the different.

How you systematize content is vital?

The management of content influence searches. How quickly visitor can come across the right content bolster the chances of conversion rates. Hoe search engine understand and facilitate the content adds vitality to it. The choice of the content management system must address the business needs and the requirements of the end users.

What understanding your website promotes?

The website needs to guide the visitor. The content is distributed across the website. How it is indexed will generate meaningful outcomes; Dubai web design can manage the properties that enhance better communication with the audiences. Each variable should be positioned in the right place. The text holds the key. The images, audio and video serves as a connecting link to the text; the choice of typeface is also important for instilling value added features to the offering.

It is all about how the search engine recognizes the text and present to the individual. The optimum use of keywords is considerable in maintaining a relationship with the customers. People understand the value of each product in different contexts. Keywords build the right course for the searcher to look for the information that closely entertains their need.

The clarity provided by SEO services Dubai make the customer understand of the offer and how it relates to their instant need.

The query generating capacity of each keyword is distinctive. Special consideration must be employed in discovering how it can generate maximum traffic for the website.


The structure of any website is devised through its navigational tool. The components including the URL must be indexed to promote its relevancy with the customer search.

The idea behind the web design is to incorporate elements that make sense. Irrational elements that do not produce the desired effect are inconsequential.

The outcome of any optimization process is better visibility for the brand. Is your brand accruing enough visibility? If not then its awareness must be improved. Use each tool in the most effective way to design a thoroughly built website.

SEO Strategies For 2017 And Beyond!

It all starts with a good plan, an appealing design that is simple and easy in nature and has got what it takes to provide the best ever experience to visitors whenever that land on one’s website.

In complex markets like UAE, entrepreneurs ensure that they are backed with web design Dubai based service providers because of the high end skills set and expert nature that they are blesses with.

However, a good web design that has not been marketed in the right passion is exactly like a highly well written book that has never been read after its publication. One as a business owner therefore must hunt for elite, reliable and affordable SEO Company Dubai for smart and relevant digital marketing campaigns that can help in improving the audience volume and conversions.

SEO Company Dubai

  • Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – The future is mobile, if you are hungry for more traffic, make sure that your website Design is responsive in nature.
  • Era Of Voice Search – Backed with such smart features, your website will find it easy to impress search engines.
  • Page Speed – Avoid all the unnecessary scripting and content from your website. Improve conversion rates up to 4 times high with a faster loading site.
  • Customer Care – Engage with and respond to your customer queries on every social channel and forum in swift passion. Get highly rated!
  • Excellent Quality Link Building – Quality always pays off, you must avoid buying links, earn them instead!
  • Switch to SSL – Climb up the ranks by winning the trust of your clients and Search engines, secure your website with SSLs that are reliable.

Instill Vibrancy in Your Web Design With Color

There is a cost of being judgmental:

Experts reveal that opinionated behavior is a major drawback of the website designers. Without any definite rationale the designers offer short-sighted solutions.

This approach will never set forth the realization of objective. It is important to share the hard facts. Any misinterpretation and misconception can cost you the customer.

Dubai Web Design

How worthwhile is your web design?

Are you off the target, already? Can you identify the integration of core competencies with the value proposition of the business? 

Color the life of your website:

Colors bring emotions to life. They translate the sensation and the sentiment.

People are attracted to different colors. The color combination in web design can envision how the product will be.

The forecasted trends indicate to matching the color template with the theme of the website. The images, graphics, content must all produce an emotional impact through color branding.

Color can inspire the choices of the customers:

If you are positioning a new product then how will you ascertain the color type? Is there product inspiring a differentiated and unique solution for the customer?

Is the product an extension of the existing product categories?  The correlation between the freshness of the color with the product must be connected objectively.

The impression to envelop the customer liking is going to be a major source of differentiation in 2017.

For instance fashion retailer would choose a different layout of color combination in comparison to a business manufacturing engineering products.

The recognition of this difference is quite essential and Dubai Web Design can signify which color could produce the most favorable outcome.

So what’s next?

The use of the right tool to appreciate the freshness of the color and the liveliness of the product will become a dominating trend in 2017 and onwards. The choice of the color used for the website design must enhance other features.

The shades of brightness must accentuate the personality of the product. The color templates that produce consistency are the right choice for the web designers.

In the presence of so many retailers the depiction of unique identity can improve the aided recall of the customer for a particular website. The experts have got a hang of providing honest solution to the web retailers.

Showing the right direction is not something that comes naturally to many service providers but Dubai Web Design can optimize the right option in the right context.

Every Customer Has A Different Online Story

Effective web design can boost the probability of customer engagement. For instance how many contact numbers have you shared on your website will be important. If your website is selling fast moving consumer goods then the information sharing would be more than normal. Additionally by giving the phone number you have won half the trust of the customer.

The leads that are produced in due course are greatly reliant on the capacity of the website to present and awesome experience. When customers would take the information seriously only then they will ask for further guidance and information. However a range of different factors must be undertaken before designing the website. More importantly the sharing of personal details should be bare minimum. Even if you need to ask for personal information it should be steady. You can also ask them to share personal information in the last step. By that time their apprehension will be vanished.

Web Design Company Dubai

The value that the visiting customer experience must be evaluated holistically; expert web designers understand the contribution of every element and how it should be utilized to maximize the desired impact. If you are crawling you better wake up; competitors are finding new ways to connect with the customer segments. The development of website is not a bargain deal; in general people are satisfied that they embed the fundamental features in the development of website for a reasonable price. It is not like that; the relationship between you and the service provider cannot be equated on the basis of cost incurred and service rendered.

The value that the service provider can inculcate in the website is the real thing. To realize this you must have the vision and the hunger to strive for achieving new heights consistently. Portfolio is just the gateway to a website; you need to meet up with the service provider to become aware of their skills and knowledge. The ability of the service provider to outline the solution as an exclusive package in its entirety is the genuine deal that you should be after. Many service providers will infuse different type of variations with distinctive attributes. This is a normal procedure in the realm of technology.

There are different reasons for someone to like or dislike someone or something. In business everyone wants to be the former, not the latter. How you present yourself to the corporate world will be crucial in developing meaningful contacts with different stakeholders. Do they really like it? Is the content cool but not efficiently distributed? What about the scheming of color that highlight your corporate profile. Are the key areas defined well enough to correlate with the customer segments? By nature every industry has their unique structure that is followed by everyone. You must ensure that the corporate profile is bookmarked by the viewer.

Your homework should be complete. Even the slightest distraction must be avoided. Peal of every layers so that the end product is duly justifiable. You let them know about your presence; cannot afford a big ‘NO’ from the stakeholders. After all certain norms and conditions must be fulfilled to become part of the group. No exemption to anyone in being untidy. You are the director of your picture.

Web design company Dubai will help in tracking the persuasion model with intent. Be traditional and convey the message with uniformity. Do not overcook information that may leave a bad impression on the viewer. The information that you present must be well-thought out and ably support the requirement of the stakeholders. If you can solve the jigsaw puzzle for the client you are likely to land the business. Your representation of corporate profile can only fortify the belief of the client towards your capabilities in solving their problems. The corporate realm is the port where every business is connected. Clients look for authentic support from service providers

They want to find out ‘who’ can deliver the deliverable. You want to hear this ‘You did a splendid job’ but how would you bear the pressure. What guarantees that you will give to the client will go a long way in defining your future course. Bad business is one time experience; literally there are as many service providers that you could never imagine. Retaining business is a core requirement to attain sustainability. They should be privileged in working with you. In the dirty world of business you are always in the firing line. Weak service providers just cannot offer what they promise but Web Design Company Dubai will highlight key service variables that are critical for success.

The Final Word:

Time is of essence for the visiting customer; too much information laden website is less likely to engage the customers. You must know what would precisely stimulate the customers to inquire about the product and services.

Workable And Economic Website Solutions Are Available!

A professional website is important for the development of your business as it is a gateway to opening new business opportunities. It plays a valuable role in achieving the goals of targeting new customer segments. Moreover, the website must be designed in such a way that it is able to provide ways of reaching out to customers from different areas. These are the benefits of having the proper website that can be used for marketing in an efficient manner. In addition, the website plays a crucial role in leveraging the benefits of the Internet for your business targets.

Web Design Dubai

A proper website is designed by taking into account various principles. Primarily, it is critical that your website should be designed in such a way that it is organized properly into a user friendly website where potential visitors can find the necessary information. All the information should be in concise, unique, and readable content as this will help to enhance the appeal and image of the website. Moreover, the web design Dubai consultant will assist you in the process of designing a professional website. The best website will be that reflects the latest trends and your business goals.

Professional websites must be developed in a way that it helps to achieve the critical targets. They must be scalable, flexible, and reliable in order to attain strategic competitive advantage for your company. Moreover, you can create an advanced website that offers options such as newsletters and can be managed by you in an efficient manner. The web design Dubai consultant should be selected who has the ability to work with you during the design phase and takes into account your needs. The best consultant should be hired who can deliver workable and economical solutions.

It Should Give a Native Feeling…

Dubai markets are unique in many ways, your clients will be on you all the time, they will simply not let you rest as they will have these demands that are never ending one and always changing. Getting their attention and being noticed by them will be a really tough challenge for you. They are very picky and won’t be impressed that easy, besides why they should be when they have got variety of packages and services from all over the world.

web design dubai

You can however outsmart this ever so complexed situation with smart thinking and by staying away from the crowd all the time. Your products, services and your presences both online and offline, hence everything shall be so different that your business becomes prominent and easily noticeable by anyone. A great tool and approach here would be your web design Dubai based trend. It should be so much in and at the same time very unique that your visitors start finding it difficult to resist it.

You should deal with the best web design Dubai services provider and share your designing needs with them. They will come up with trends that are the order of the day and the design that they will come up with shall be so appealing that even your competitors get puzzled and lost it for a while. Once done, sit back and relax you don’t realize you are about to become a star in Dubai markets as your business will be loved and shared by your visitors in Dubai market and it won’t be long before it goes viral.

It Should Be Trendy and Awesome, Above All In Line With Native Market Trends

You will need to avoid an over exaggerated approach when you are about to deal with the clients world over with the help of your online presence and your website. If your website is being designed with an irrelevant trend, approach and ideology then it may fail to impress the native markets. If you are operating in Dubai markets then you must understand that your website should be able to attract the attention of local clients. If it is based on unfamiliarity then this may give birth to hesitation in your website’s visitors and they may not feel comfy while transacting or browsing through it.

Affordable Web Design Dubai

Look for some affordable web design Dubai trend and service providers who can impress you with their skills in designing industry. You must make it clear to them that what is it that you have in your mind when it comes to your website’s design. With a clear guidelines and picture in their mind they will act and perform efficiently and will come up with an appealing design in no time.

You must review the mockup from the user’s perspective and must ensure that it has colors that are relevant to your business log. The content must be relevant and in a smooth flow, navigation should be easy. It is 2016 and getting all the above mentioned features by going for affordable web design Dubai trends are now possible. Thanks to the extreme levels of competition and rivalry that has made it possible.

2016 is Affordable; You Don’t Need to Bleed Money to Get a Best Web Design in Dubai Anymore

If you are a technical person and possess basic know how of carrying out search and keyword analysis, you will be astonished to learn that trends in searching for web design services have been sky high in 2015 and it is not going to stop there as 2016 is believed to be an even more challenging and demanding year as far as the experts are concerned. They believe that more and more business owners are planning to launch their online presence in grand style. They want to operate in Dubai in style and want to go all out by reaching out to every single targeted client.

affordable web design company Dubai

This is where they start searching online for affordable web design company Dubai. They know that rates have fallen down due to the hectic competitive trends and the rising demands. The graph for competition amid web designing services providers is getting higher all the time. In such favorable situations who won’t want to go for a sophisticated online presence that is backed with appealing design and easy navigational approach. If you are amongst the ones who are in the same queue then you may go for the best, professional and affordable web design company Dubai. This will allow you enter the online business world in grand style. You must however ensure that you are being provided with latest web designing trends that are in line with the latest expectations and native market environments. Do not go for obsolete or out date tools as that would require a double effort simply because within no time you will realize that your website is old fashioned and not very much like by the target users.